Granular Sampler
Industrial Design, UI/UX
Create music from any sound around you.
Writing music is a varied process, each person having their own approach that suits their style of music. One thing people often have in common is the hardest part of writing a song is starting it. I wanted to investigate whether there were other approaches that might yield interesting results, particularly during the early stages of making music, helping people to produce and evaluate ideas quickly.

The idea is a handheld granular synthesizer and sampler that can be used for creating quick musical ideas from any sound around you. This is done either by sampling a piece of audio or using granular synthesis to create entirely new sounds. It is intended to be an aid to your songwriting, helping you to generate ideas, in much the same way an architect or designer might use a sketchbook.

Created in 2019 for my final university project.​​​​​​​

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