bike light
personal project
'a quick and easy to attach pair of bike lights'
this was a short project in which I explored creating a quick and easy to use bicycle light. it was inspired by some of my own frustration's with bike lights and other bicycle accessories as well as observations of friend's using theirs. the core theme of speed and ease of use was important because I felt in addressing both it would help to remove some of the frustrations people had and encourage people to use their lights.
starting point
one of the ideas that helped focus my work at the beginning was removing the need for a pre-attached mount in order to attach your lights. this would be replaced by a spring-based mechanism, something similar to a clothes peg. this would allow the bike lights to be easily clipped to the bicycle, simplifying the process and keeping one hand free.
research into other products helped to clarify the attributes that might help in making the bike light an interesting product. the three areas that I chose to focus on were: playfulness, tactility and simplicity, for both form and function.
my ideation began gravitating towards a design in which the bottom half of the 'clip' was the body and the top half a metal component that opened and closed on a spring. this was chosen as an approach as it meant that the centre of gravity would help to stop the bike light tilting forward or backwards when in use, it also meant there didn't have to be an exposed junction to get cables to and from the bottom half, if I went with a more clothes peg like design.
the idea to give the bike light a 'face' was to personify it as an object, giving it a character that might add to someone's attachment to it. this was also why more durable but expensive materials were used, as it is designed to last and not diminish in the process. the led's are surrounded by polished steel rings that help to focus the light forwards, as well as adding to the personification of the bike light.
turns on when attached
both the front and the back light turn on automatically once they're attached to your bicycle. this also helps in reminding you not to leave them on - as they must be removed to turn them off.
adaptive lighting
the light setting changes automatically depending on the time of day. they alternate between; off when it's daytime, flashing when it's streetlit and both led's on when it is too dark to see. 
designed to fit
the space where the handlebars or seatpost fit while the light is attached is slightly elliptical. this helps it suit a wide variety of tube diameters, ensuring a decent contact point for optimum grip.
these are the twelve parts that make up the external assembly of the bike light. the parts are as follows; 1. clip, 2. clip grip, 3. clip pivot pin, 4. clip pivot housing, 5. body grip, 6. port cover, 7. m3 hex bolts, 8. back face, 9. body, 10. grip and on/off button, 11. light cover outer, 12. light cover inner. the materials used were chosen to create something long lasting and easy to recycle/ reuse at the end of its life. The clip and body are both made of aluminium, sandblasted and anodized. the grips and port cover are made from a biobased tpe, the port cover being slightly harder. the back face is made from a recycled and biobased pp blend with a matte finish. the light cover components are made up of a translucent polypropylene outer that helps protect the clear polycarbonate inner.
easy to charge + repair
the bike light is charged using usb c, I felt the higher pricepoint of usb c was justified due to the fit with the other electronic devices people own. the internals are easily removable by unscrewing the two hex bolts, allowing you to replace common points of failure should the need arise.

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