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organic skincare that doesn't compromise
kaiyo is a skincare company that creates natural and effective skincare. their range of products is intentionally small, helping to simplify the choosing experience. this focus on a creating fewer products, each with a specific purpose, ensures more time can be spent developing and improving each formula. 

founded by my brother, we worked together to establish the brand, competitive positioning, and visual identity. the concept for the packaging was centred around transparency, celebrating the ingredients by having them on the front instead of hidden on the back. we also included the formula number on each product to highlight the number of iterations and care that goes into developing each product. for the website we wanted to create something that felt focused and calm, removing the overload of information present on most skincare websites. the beautiful photography below is by lucy of mykindlifestyle.

find out more at www.kaiyoskincare.com

launched in 2021.

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